Award Academy Germany

Award Academy Germany

Die Award Academy Germany

Award Academy Germany

Die Award Academy Germany ist ein zusätzliches Fortbildungsorgan, welches sich an den Prinzipien des internationalen Wettbewerbes orientiert. In der Award Academy Germany werden die vitalsten Fachleute der Gastronomie gebündelt und gefördert. Kreativ wie handwerklich.

Den Nachwuchstalenten werden neue Perspektiven aufgezeigt und die Trainings- bzw. Qualifizierungsmöglichkeiten für das Team Deutschland optimiert.

Durch diesen Pool von Spitzenköchen und dem zielgerichteten Coaching wird sichergestellt, dass Deutschland auch in Zukunft bei internationalen Wettbewerben kontinuierlich erfolgreich abschneidet. (Wie beispielsweise 2003 und 2005 beim Marchesi Award, benannt nach Italiens Meisterkoch, bei dem das deutsche Team, die Favoriten aus Frankreich deutlich schlug.)

Bei der Weltmeisterschaft der Profiköche – Bocuse d´Or 2005 in Lyon wird Deutschland vom Schüler Harald Wohlfahrts, dem Hamburger Wahabi Nouri (Restaurant Piment, 1 Stern Michelin) repräsentiert.

Die regelmäßige Wettbewerbsteilnahem und Trainingsseminare bieten immer wieder einen PR-Aufhänger.

Die Award Academy Germany ist auch in der Winnender Str. 12 in 73667 Kaisersbach - Ebni zu Hause. Euro - Toques Präsident Ernst-Ulrich W. Schassberger ist Weltjurymitglied beim Bocuse d´Or 2007 und dem Pendant für die Patissiers, dem Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie 2007.






Förderung des Kochnachwuchses durch die Award Academy

Die Award Academy Germany ist ein zusätzliches Fort- und Weiterbildungsorgan, welches sich an den Prinzipien der hochkarätigen, internationalen Wettbewerbe auf Weltebene, wie der Bocuse d´Or in Lyon, Nordic Challenge Kopenhagen, Marchesi Award Milano, Prix Culinaire International Auguste Escoffier Nice, Prix Culinaire Prosper Montagne Paris, orientiert. Hier werden die vitalsten Fachleute der Gastronomie gebündelt und gefördert. Kreativ wie handwerklich.


Ziel ist es, die guten Platzierungen bei internationalen Kochwettbewerben weiter zu steigern und beispielsweise 2007 den Bocuse d´Or in Gold zum ertsen Mal nach Deutschland zu holen.


Durch die Academy werden den Nachwuchstalenten der Kochkunst neue Perspektiven aufgezeigt und die Trainings- bzw. Qualifikationsmöglichkeiten für allle Mitglieder in der Bocuse d´Or Academy Germany optimiert.

Unter anderem mit zielgerichteten Coaching, bei und mit den besten Köchen.



Happy Birthday Bocuse d`Or!

Watching one top chef at work is impressive. If you place 24 chefs side by side, the show becomes breathtaking.... And if you top this off with an icing of supporters cheering on from the gallery installed facing the chefs, then gourmet magic operates to create an extraordinary event! The original concept of creating a cuisine contest that would bring together the very best in trade, to compete and perform live facing the public, was born twenty years ago, from Paul Bocuse´s imagination.


A new concept...

The idea is simple: 24 chefs have 5 hrs 30 min to prepare a meat dish and a fish dish, with fully outfitted kitchen cubicles at their disposal. The base products are imposed but preparation and garnishing are left to the chefs´discretion and skills. The only requirement is to appeal to the taste buds of the twenty jury members, composed of internationally renowned chefs.

The presence of cheering fans adds spice to the event. Installed in the gallery facing the kitchen cubicles, which are arranged in the manner of a stage, the supporters can follow step by step the preparation and creation of the recipes. Many of the fans have travelled in groups to come and encourage the candidate representing their respective countries, they sing, cheer, shout, and honk, creating a lively atmosphere, but also adding to the stress of the candidates. All this contributes to make the Bocuse d´Or an outstanding contest.



....that meets with increasing enthusiasm throughout the world

After more than 10 editions, Bocuse d´Or magic is very much alive. Some countries, such as Norway, select their candidates two years ahead of the contest, in order to ensure that they will have enough time to prepare both physically and mentally, to prepare their recipes hundreds of time over, to create and motivate their fan-clubs, and also to find the sponsors that will help them finance this unique adventure. In Japan, the contest is broadcoast live on a national TV channel. As for Iceland, the country actually charters a special airplane, decorated with the colours of the Bocuse d´Or, to fly its team over to Lyon.

All around the world the success encountered by the Bocuse d`Or is such that it has been necessary to introduce national and even continental events in order to select the very best candidates for the finals. This year, the Copa Azteca, which was held from September 28th to 30th, 2006 in Mexico, served to pre-selected candidates from Latin America (Argentina, Brazil and Mexico).


So close to the stars!

This unprecedented success is not a coincidence. The Bocuse d`Or undoubtedly brings together the very best chefs in the world.

In Norway, Bent Stiansen (Bocuse d`Or 1993), Terje Ness (Bocuse d´Or 1999) and Charles Tjessem (Bocuse d´Or 2003) are among the most famous chefs in their country. As for Sweden, Mathias Dahlgren (Bocuse d`Or 1997) is still popular with his cuisine of Mediterranean inspiration. In Luxembourg, Léa Linster, the only woman to have won the Bocuse d´Or (1989) manages three restaurants.

In France too, Michel Roth, who is currently in charge of the kitchens of the Ritz in Paris, won the Bocuse d´Or in 1991. Four years later, Regis Marcon, the owner of the Auberge des Cimes at Saint Bonnet-le-Froid won the contest. Francois Adamski, chef at the Abbaye Saint-Ambroix in Bourges, and Serge Vieira, who was Regis Marcons assistant at Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid, achieved first place in the Bocuse d´Or. Yannick Alleno, chef at the Hotel Meurice and Franck Putelat (owner of the Franck Puletat Parc in Carcasonne) won the Silver Medal in 2001 and 2005 respectively.


The Bocuse d´Or Book

A book will be published to celebrate the 20 years of the Bocuse d´Or. Chef du Monde "The journal of the 20 years of the Bocuse d´Or", retraces the history of the contest. Holders of the much sought after title, members of the jury and the different actors in the event take the readers backstage with many anecdotes and testimonials. Published by Glénat.


Quelle: Le Chef. Le magazine des Chefs de cuisine, Janivier 2007, S. 42f.



20 years Bocuse d`Or

1987 - 2007


20 years of existence!


20 years of encounters, 20 years of exchanges, 20 years of passion and friendship.


The Bocuse d`Or celebrates today a most exceptional birthday. Symbol of youth and energy, it is an age for conquests and daring ventures. An age that befits you well, you who are at the dawn of a splendid career.


Driven by the motivation to suceed, you will give the very best you have to offer.


You will surpass yourselves in order to make a triumph for the art in which you excel.


You will perform the most irresistible gourmet extravaganza.


This is the best gift one can wish for on this special day.


Paul Bocuse



Quelle: Le Chef, Le Magazine des Chef de Cuisine, Janvier 2007, S. 40.